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Andrew and Jason had a great time facilitating this event!  We had to do some last minute prep as the room divider in the venue was malfunctioning so we ended up doing the presentation in parallel in two rooms.  Then we switched rooms and answered questions Lean Coffee style.  We hope you enjoyed it!


Event Details

Some people believe you can’t be successful with Agile unless you change your organization’s culture and mindset. This approach is often referred to as Agile Transformation. Others beleive that Agile is a set of tools, processes and practices that can be installed. This approach is often referred to as Agile Adoption.

At the end of the day, bringing Agile into your organization is a massive change and focusing on Agile is but one small piece of the puzzle.

Agile, whether it be Transformation or Adoption, is simply a trigger for organizational change, and according to various studies dating back to 1995, change efforts have a lousy success record. Change management brings many tools, methods and practices for managing change and Agile brings a set of values and principles for how to better manage work in today’s organizations.

Join Jason Little and Andrew Annett and learn how to increase the odds of successful change in your organizations with Lean Change!

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