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When something goes wrong in your life or at work how do you respond? Do you blame someone else for creating the situation? Do you just simply say “Wow we suck!” and accept that things cannot get better?

Although responses such as these prove you’re human, they also don’t improve the outcome. The Responsibility Process is the result of decades of research and defines how all of us respond to loss or failure.

The Responsibility Process is one of the most powerful things I know. This process allows me to create lasting improvements in my career and life with outcomes I can be proud of. As a Practitioner in The Leadership Gift program I would like to share this simple process with you.

Presenter – Mike Edwards

Mike has over 25 years experience in project and portfolio management where he has always taken a pragmatic approach to improvement. Simply stated, he focuses on finding what works over following a method. Mike’s passion is people and creating connections in organizations to more effectively manage work and people.

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