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Do People Around You Waste Valuable Time And Energy NOT Taking Ownership For Obvious and Important Problems?

  • You strive to be efficient but lose a lot of time to resistance and defensiveness around you
  • You want to improve productivity but keep rehashing old issues
  • You try to introduce change but banging your head on the wall hurts

Confidently Lead and Coach people to Take Responsibility and Demonstrate Ownership with The Responsibility Process

The Responsibility Process 200x239 copyApplied research over the last twenty-five years on the front lines of leadership about how personal responsibility works in the mind (how we avoid it and take it) now makes it possible for coaches and leaders to understand and apply the mental processes and language of personal Responsibility.

Working with The Responsibility Process will lead you to insights and a-ha’s about your behavior that may cause others to avoid Responsibility and Ownership. These same insights and a-ha’s will show you what you can change so that others step up to Responsibility and Ownership.

Inspire those around you to demonstrate far greater ownership behavior as individuals, and in teams and enterprises. You will add more value as your team or clients take ownership; practice self-leadership; and learn, correct, and improve more easily, directly, and quickly.

Your Instructor:

Christopher Avery headshotChristopher Avery, Ph.D. is among the most out-spoken, studied, and quoted advisors on responsible leadership in the workplace today. Indeed leaders worldwide study Christopher’s research because it shows them how to consciously expand their leadership power and ability every day so they can learn and grow faster, overcome challenges, and achieve their potential while energizing their teams and organizations.

Christopher’s approach derives from 20 years of field studies on the front lines of leadership about how personal responsibility- the first principle of success — operates in our minds. These rich discoveries are changing how leaders lead, how agile teams and organizations get built, and how coaches and parents teach and inspire personal responsibility.


Each participant will receive:

  • The Responsibility Process -  3d-book300x348Your own copy of Christopher’s new book: The Responsibility Process – Unlocking Your Natural Ability to Live and Lead with Power – a $20 (USD) value
  • A certificate of completion you can use to claim professional development or continuing education credits from your association.
  • Free admission to a follow-up webinar with Christopher one to two months following the workshop
  • $100 coupon toward your first year’s membership in The Leadership Gift Program

“Over the last year 350 people in 9 countries have become way more productive than we ever imagined they could be. Our agile processes are successful primarily because everyone takes ownership by understanding and practicing The Responsibility Process™. Today we produce twice the software with half the headcount.”
-Judith Mills, Vice President Product Eng. Ops., CDC Software, Atlanta, Georgia

“This can change your life.”
-Sergey Dmitriev, Executive Agile Coach, Oslo, Norway

Workshop details

8:00am-8:30am – check-in and coffee
Learning The Responsibility Process
Applying The Responsibility Process and Keys to Responsibility for self-leadership
Teaching The Responsibility Process for shared understanding

Lunch 12:30pm-1:30pm

Responsibility ? Accountability
Agility and Responsibility
Elevating responsibility in others
Intervening as a leader or coach

Adjourn 5:00pm

Cancellation Policy

Cancel more than 1-week prior for a full refund.


  • Leave this workshop ready to apply what you learn about yourself and others
  • Understand how your mind uses The Responsibility Process to keep you stuck or propel you forward
  • Improve how you demonstrate, lead, and coach ownership behavior with the tools and activities you will learn
  • Understand the difference between accountability and responsibility and the mental processes they invoke in you and those you lead
  • Learn how to invite and allow others to try on what you will learn, what is required and where the pitfalls lie
  • Realize why giving advice may be the weakest tool you have available—and what you can do that’s more effective
  • Evaluate and choose the basic tools to support your success in practicing and teaching ownership behavior
  • Address your important topics and interests that intersect with this content