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The difference between an OK agile coach and a fantastic agile coach is like the difference between a cook and a chef.

  • A cook uses recipes. A chef uses the principles and techniques of food preparation.
  • A cook may experiment, with fingers crossed. A chef creates, with confidence and consistency.
  • A cook follows directions. A chef understands the ingredients, their chemistry and the circumstances that surround them.
  • A cook prepares a meal. A chef designs an experience.

And so it goes with coaching.
You can treat it like a cook – read some books, memorize key questions, repeat your favourite processes, experiment and hope for the best. Or you can treat it like a chef – understand the principles, master proven techniques so that they come to you naturally, bring your experience into new contexts and participate in coaching conversations with confidence and ease.

Agile coaching may be a new profession, but professional coaching has been around since the early 1990s. There’s a huge body of practice and knowledge, tested, proven and documented. The organizations that certify professional coaches have established competencies that can be learned and assessed. That’s what we teach. Coach Skills for the Agile Workplace is authorized and licensed to teach coaching based on the International Association of Coaching’s IAC Masteries™

We offer professional coach training in the agile context. Our program is also accredited by ICAgile and meets the learning objectives of its Certified Professional in Agile Coaching (ICP-ACC) designation.

Coach Skills for the Agile Workplace gives you the opportunity to practise and master the coaching techniques you need as an agile coach in a safe and supportive environment, so you can use them fluently on the job.

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