Agile Coaching and Consulting

We believe the most effective coaching is meeting you where you're at, and helping you explore possibilities

Organizational Clarity

Leanintuit’s coaches are experienced in multiple disciplines of Agile Coaching including executive and management coaching, team and individual coaching as well as facilitation and communication coaching.

We will help you create clarity in your organization for how best you can leverage Agile and Lean practices and we always create an approach that will work best in your organization.

Team Coaching

You may want to run a pilot program to see if Agile will work in your organization.  Leanintuit’s coaches can work with you in a coaching capacity as an embedded team member to give you a more gentle entry into Agile.

Management Coaching

Agile has been relatively silent on the role of the manager in an Agile context.  Leanintuit’s coaches can help your managers figure out how to enable an environment that allows teams to thrive.   This engagement model is different from the team approach in the sense that we’ll be coaching from behind the bench.  We’ll work with managers to add Agile Management practices to their manager toolkit but we’ll stay out of the spotlight letting your managers practice these new methods in a safe way.