Agile Engineering Training

Agile engineering practices are essential for building high quality products

Agile development demands that teams deliver potentially shippable software in, at most, every two weeks. Subsequent iterations build on features from previous iterations. Traditional waterfall approaches are inadequate for iterative and incremental development.
Agile Engineering includes technical principles and practices that are essential for building high quality products incrementally.
Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD) practices bridge the gaps between developers, testers and business people. As a bonus they produce a set of executable specifications that provide regression test coverage, allowing teams to release more often, with more confidence.

This workshop is for professional software teams who want to move beyond Agile as a process, to improve and expand their Agile Engineering skills.

Who it’s For

This course is aimed at teams that are looking to improve how they work. The principles and techniques introduced require whole­team participation. The first two days require the entire team (e.g., Developers, Testers, Product Owner, ScrumMaster). Days three through five are for developers and testers, and will be very technical. The entire team is welcome, but not required.

What You’ll Learn

  • Understanding of core software design principles
  • An understanding of automated testing ­ agnostic of waterfall/agile
  • Practical hands­ on experience with automated testing, using tools as close to the real
  • Technical environment as possible
  • Participants will leave the course with hours of hands­ on experience in creating
  • Software using a test­-driven approach.
  • Ability to use refactoring to improve new and legacy code.
  • Team understanding of Automated Acceptance Testing principles and practices.

Upcoming Courses:

We do not have any public workshops scheduled and generally recommend private workshops for your entire team.

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