Agile Fundamentals

You don't need to build software to use Agile practices. Find out how at this workshop!

• You’ve heard about “Agile.”
• You’ve read about it.
• Folks in your organization are Scrum-talking.
• You’ve seen the boards.
• It’s all over your Twitter feed.
• Perhaps you’re curious about it.
• Maybe it’s too late for all that and “We’re going agile and you’re going to manage the transformation!”
Whatever the case, it could be time for?Agile Fundamentals – A Foundation for Real World Agility

We’d love to sprinkle pixie dust around and “Kabam – we’re Agile!” That’s not happening in the real world. A two-day course won’t perform magic, either – but it’s a realistic first step.

Agile Fundamentals – A Foundation for Real World Agility will introduce you to the what and why of the Agile working style. We’ll focus on the agile mindset and the shift in thinking that precedes a successful shift in behaviour.

We’ll look at the history of agile, the values and principles outlined in the agile manifesto and the theory and concepts behind the Agile approach to work.

We’ll introduce practices such as adaptive planning, value-driven development, team collaboration and frequent feedback for continuous improvement.

We’ll examine some specific frameworks and practices used on Agile projects and  explore the roles of team members working on Agile projects.

• As a member of an agile team, you’ll gain a sense of what it means to be agile and do “Agile.”
• As someone “upstream” or “downstream” from agile teams, you’ll see the “why” behind the way they work and how you can collaborate for your and their success.
• As an organizational leader, you’ll discover concepts and challenges in adopting Agile that can inform your decisions regarding policy and funding.
• And if you’re simply curious about agile, we’ll have some answers to your questions.
You’ll leave this workshop is with a solid understanding of core concepts – prepared to work productively in Agile environments.

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