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Join Shawn Button and Sue Johnston at Project/BA World Toronto on May 9th, as they discuss how you can build internal coaching capacity.

There’s a pile of evidence that coaching plays an important role in helping an organization transform to Agile. External coaches can help an organization as it begins to adopt agile practices, but a sustainable Agile adoption requires an organization to stand on their own. Developing an internal coaching team is an important step in becoming self-sufficient. Join Sue Johnston and Shawn Button as they explore the process of building a team of competent internal coaches. Look at identifying coach candidates, putting together and running a coach development program, and creating opportunities for learning on-the-job. Learn about potential bumps in the road – organizational impediments to building coaches – and strategies for overcoming those barriers. Sue and Shawn share their experiences with what works, and what to avoid. Leave with a realistic plan to discover and develop coaches in your organization or those you work with.

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