In many organizations there is a significant focus on accountability. What if you knew the focus on accountability is causing a breakdown in teamwork and lowering the quality of results your teams produce? Simple human processes such as blaming, justifying and others are holding your teams back from doing their best work.

At the core of building a great team is responsibility. It starts with an individual awareness of how responsibility works in each of us, leading to a shared responsibility between us. With shared responsibility our reaction to the challenges we deal with each day shifts to working together to generate the best outcome possible.

There is a legitimate science and repeatable technology to responsibility. In this workshop you will learn about The Responsibility Process®. With the knowledge of this simple process you will have an increased awareness of what is really going on in you when you experience an upset. When you are aware it becomes possible to choose actions leading to a better outcome.

As a result of this workshop you will be able to …

  • Explain the importance of personal responsibility (ownership behaviour) for success in any pursuit;
  • Provide at least one reason why people avoid responsibility and why they take it;
  • State the stages within The Responsibility Process and how it works within the mind;
  • Self-apply The Responsibility Process when encountering minor frustrations;
  • Apply the 3 Keys to Responsibility™ at least once during the workshop so you can recall and apply readily to your minor upsets after the workshop.

Upcoming workshops:

Thursday, November 12 (8:30am – 12:00pm) – Montreal, QC – venue TBD

Tuesday, November 24 (8:30am – 12:00pm) – Ottawa, ON – venue TBD



About the workshop facilitator

_MG_2561 copyMike Edwards loves having really deep powerful conversations with people who change their lives. After a rewarding 25 years working for companies Mike found his calling in coaching others. At first this was as an independent Agile Coach working with teams helping them improve their working lives. This didn’t quite seem like enough though and after hiring a coach soon discovered a yearning to go deeper. This is when Mike started his journey as a Co-Active Coach.

Mike is a Co-Active Coach with a deep passion for people bringing their whole selves to everything they do. Mike is a founding board member of Leanintuit, a team of coaches helping organizations with transformation. As a facilitator Mike creates a learning experience through the deep connection whether in a classroom or on stage at a conference. Mike regularly shares his thoughts on life and leadership through his blog, and is currently writing his first book.