Our Services

We offer all types of training as well as Agile coaching and consulting services

Agile Coaching and Consulting

We provide embedded, and behind-the-scenes coaching at the individual, team, leadership, and organization layer in order to raise the quality of interaction inside, outside and across your organization.

Training and Workshops

We offer Agile and Professional Coach training, Management 3.0, and Lean Change Agent as well as customized Agile, Scrum Technical, and Kanban training.

Client Testimonials

Even 18 months after Declan’s contract with us ended, he’s still referred to throughout our organization as the Yoda of Agile. 100% of our development teams are now running SCRUM or Kanban. The team Declan worked closest with improved from releasing code to production once a month at the start of his engagement to twice a month at the end of his contract. Now they release to production every Tuesday.

John McDonald

Senior Director, Business Operations, Synacor

In short, Leanintuit has the experience needed to help large and small corporations adopt agile. They are very flexible and can work with different roles from developers to executives. At Telus, they helped out both business and IT in the adoption of Lean and Agile. Helping me on the transformation team, training and lifting off new teams, conducting coding dojo’s, providing engineering best practices courses, building internal coaches and helping with guilds within the organization.

Joanne Stone

Enterprise Agile Evangelist , Telus

I had a feeling during the course that I am absorbing a lot by practicing. Sue’s guidance is gentle, clear and she is able to explain very subtle differences that make a big impact on the effectiveness and the style of coaching.

Agile Coach Course Participant