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Shifting Value into High Gear

How do you define “value”? What does it take for a business to shift “Value” into high gear and create experiences leaving your customer saying “Wow”? Why does the software industry struggle to even meet expectations?  If you’re struggling to create valuable experiences for your customer then this session is for you.

Every team I work with talks about delivering valuable features, and yet many of their customers are dissatisfied. When I question how they define value I might get text book answers about ROI, sales, efficiencies or other quantifiable measures. Although these are important measures, I don’t believe “value” can be defined by anything you can quantify. If that’s true then how do we get from “Valuable” to “Wow” without going broke?

We will start by examining two similar customer experiences. Both experiences are valuable, one met expectations but the other left the customer going “Wow!”. Regardless of what business your in, with some awareness it’s possible to start creating more “Wow!” moments for your customers.