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The whole Leanintuit Crew will be at Agile and Beyond this year!

Leading for Change – Mike Edwards

As a leader are you struggling to find a way for your team to improve and have that change stick? Here’s a thought: What if the point is NOT to have change stick? Improvement in teams will not be the result of telling the teams to do Scrum, Kanban or some other methodology. Lasting improvement requires leadership in a way supportive and encouraging of ongoing improvement. Regardless of your job title in this workshop you will learn to create a team culture making change safe, and what it means to create and lead a team in which change is just the way it is.

Growing Communication Skills with The Empathy Toy – Sue Johnston and Andrew Annett

We all think we that we communicate clearly but many of us are routinely disappointed when misunderstanding becomes evident.

This session will let us explore how we create and resolve misunderstanding using the Empathy Toy – a simple yet remarkable experience that Time magazine says is “Shaping the future of classrooms”

Participants will leave the session with:
A clearer understanding of empathy and how it can serves us as product developers,
Insight into more effective communication practices that promote shared understanding
Awareness of patterns that get in the way of being understood

Coaches are Grown, Not Born – Shawn Button

There’s a pile of evidence that coaching plays an important role in helping an organization transform to Agile. External coaches can help an organization as it begins to adopt agile practices, but a sustainable Agile adoption requires an organization to stand on their own. Developing an internal coaching team is an important step in becoming self-sufficient. Join Sue Johnston and Shawn Button as they explore the process of building a team of competent internal coaches. Look at identifying coach candidates, putting together and running a coach development program, and creating opportunities for learning on-the-job. Learn about potential bumps in the road – organizational impediments to building coaches – and strategies for overcoming those barriers. Sue and Shawn share their experiences with what works, and what to avoid. Leave with a realistic plan to discover and develop coaches in your organization or those you work with.

Rethinking Agile Transformation – Jason Little

Have we been looking for our keys in the wrong spot this whole time? We have 10 years of data that describes why organizations struggle with Agile. Centralizing project mangement didn’t help us understand what’s going on with our projects. Centralizing HR didn’t engage our employees. Centralizing our process improvement group didn’t improve anything.
So why is it we think hiring a VP of Agile, and creating a centralized Agile transformation team will be any different? In this session we’ll explore a different way to approach Agile transformation by looking at how change happens, and what we can leverage from how societies evolve.
That might sound nuts, but you’ll walk away with tangible practices you can start right away.

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