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The difference between an OK agile coach and a fantastic agile coach is like the difference between a cook and a chef.

  • A cook uses recipes. A chef uses the principles and techniques of food preparation.
  • A cook may experiment, with fingers crossed. A chef creates, with confidence and consistency.
  • A cook follows directions. A chef understands the ingredients, their chemistry and the circumstances that surround them.
  • A cook prepares a meal. A chef designs an experience.

About the Course

This is a 12-week virtual course (weekly from Jan 7 to March 24, 2016) where you’ll learn professional coaching skills from Sue Johnston.

Certification-ready – if you wish to seek a coaching credential from the International Association of Coaching, you’ll be prepared for its level one written exam. And if you wish to seek an agile credential from icAgile, successful completion earns you the ICP-ACC certificate.

Topics include:

  1. The Coaching Stance
  2. The Coaching Relationship
  3. The Coaching Conversation 1
  4. The Coaching Conversation 2
  5. Potential and Possibility
  6. Setting and Keeping Clear Intentions
  7. Emotional Intelligence
  8. Creating Supportive Environments
  9. Coaching in Organizations
  10. Emergent Topics (topics arising during course)
  11. Performance Coaching
  12. Retrospective and next steps

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Why Attend?

Here’s what past attendees have had to say about this course:

“I’d recommend this course because it wasn’t solely about learning the techniques. Sue is a warm and compassionate person who brought not only her experience and skills as our facilitator, but also her passion for people.”

“I feel I am a better coach now not only because of the material, but also because of observing how Sue facilitated the sessions.”

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