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More and more organizations are looking to move to Agile and there is a great deal of information, tools and training for developers, testers and project managers. But what about managers? What is different for managers when organizations choose to move towards Agile? Agile Management – Leading an Agile Organization, is a 2-day workshop designed to give managers the necessary ideas and concrete practices for helping their organization flourish with Agile.

You’ll learn by doing while working in small groups with your peers. During these 2-days, we’ll explore:

  • how to know what motivates creative, knowledge-based workers
  • how organizational structures impede Agile, and what to do about it
  • how to incrementally move to Agile practices without blowing up the entire organization
  • tried and true leadership practices that are proven to work in today’s organizations
  • how to start a culture shift
  • how to develop an agile mindset
  • how to spark innovation

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