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We are proud to be sponsoring The Conference Board of Canada’s Change 2015 conference. Join Mike and Jason and learn about how you can apply modern change management practices that will help your organization raise it’s level of resiliency.

Conference Overview

Learn how to succeed with advice from Canada’s change leaders.

Change management is a critical business competency, and too many change initiatives fail, or end up providing few, if any, of their intended benefits.

This is an unparalleled opportunity to gain practical advice from change experts on how to increase your success rate. That’s why change practitioners, project managers, and leaders from a wide range of organizations won’t miss this event.

Here are five more reasons why this is Canada’s top change management event.

Each year builds on the momentum of the prior year, with sessions that provide valuable insights into change.

  1. Real-life case studies. We discuss different models and their utility, but we also focus on individual change experiences, because they offer the most practical insights. This year we’ll learn from sessions by RBC, Cisco Canada, Mabel’s Labels, Sanofi, Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC), and others.
  2. Carefully selected sessions by experts. There’s no shortage of consultants offering change management advice. Many claim to have developed the model that will produce results. We take the time to identify the thought leaders and outside experts that can really help you, and who have unique perspectives.
  3. New ideas. We don’t settle for just the tried and true, and seek out new ideas that can give you a real edge.
  4. A broad range of views. There’s no single right way to approach change. We include a wide a range of situations, from start-ups, government departments, financial institutions, and manufacturers, offering you many different change examples, so you can choose what will work for you.
  5. A focus on people. Other events talk about technology, projects, and processes. We do this too, but we also recognize that, above all, change is about people.

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