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The first value of the Agile Manifesto relies on a huge assumption – that we know how to interact effectively. Real world experience shows us that interaction can be tricky. Misunderstanding is common and that leads to wasted time, effort and resources.

This session will introduce you to five Communication Katas – practices you can learn and master to improve communication and working relationships. These conscious practices will prepare you for effective conversations that promote shared understanding. Small adjustments can lead to big improvements in the way teams work. And that contributes to better outcomes.

Face-to-face communication is the most important tool we will ever use. In this session, you’ll upgrade that tool as you explore and practise practical skills that increase clarity, diminish anxiety and reduce misunderstanding. Used consciously and consistently, Communication Katas help us in our individual capacity as team members, leaders and role models. They also help us develop people. When practised by a whole team, they influence organizational culture.

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