Learn the 21st century’s most important business skill – facilitation. Facilitators help groups do their best work together. Skilled agile facilitators draw on a variety of techniques to help teams explore issues and make informed decisions about their work. Facilitation Skills for the Agile Workplace invites you to discover a range of facilitation practices that will equip you, as an agile coach, scrum-master or leader of any sort, to support teams in solving problems, improving processes and working collaboratively.

In this interactive and practical workshop, you’ll practice group facilitation tools and techniques. You’ll learn to design meetings that engage the audience and result in agreed-upon outcomes. It goes way beyond “memorize these rules.” You’ll build your capability in a safe and supportive group environment and gain valuable feedback.

This three-day workshop is designed for agile coaches who face the daily challenge of supporting different groups of people in working better together. You will do well in this program if you have a strong desire to help people improve existing interactions or adopt new practices. For this session, we are adding visual facilitation techniques to the original course so that you can bring clarity and impact to your own facilitation through simple graphic techniques.