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Over time the Project Management community has strived to build repeatability and predictability in project delivery for organizations. In doing so many of these Project Management Of?ces have created an environment ?lled with the stench of control, process and inef?ciency. So how did a movement with such good intent transition to being a burden in many organizations?

Lean Project Management provides far greater value to an organization, over a focus on strong repeatable processes. In this session, presented by Mike Edwards, we’ll explore the areas of People, Product and Processes to identify how your organization operates. Then we’ll explore what it means to be lean with your project management practices.

As with anything in Agile & Lean there is no one-sized ?ts all answer. Through this session we will look at how your organization manages the work, and through real stories explore a better approach.Project Management is not going away anytime soon as they could be providing a valuable function in many organizations. As a community if we look at these things in the right light we can transform and rock our world!

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