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As a customer how do you define “value”? What does it take for a business to shift “Value” into high gear and generate “Wow” experiences? Why does the software industry struggle to deliver valuable results?

Every team I work with talks about delivering valuable features. When I question how they define value I might get text book answers about ROI, sales, efficiencies or other quantifiable measures. Although they are important measures, I don’t believe “Wow” comes from anything you can quantify. If that’s true then how do we get from Value to Wow without going broke?

We will start by examining two similar customer experiences. Both experiences are valuable, but one is over the top in terms of “Wow!” Using these as a basis we will examine the system of delivering value at the corporate, team, employee and customer levels. There’s no magic formula to creating “Wow!” moments but if can align your system you might have a chance of creating a few.

Presenter – Mike Edwards

Mike has over 25 years experience in project and portfolio management where he has always taken a pragmatic approach to improvement. Simply stated, he focuses on finding what works over following a method. Mike’s passion is people and creating connections in organizations to more effectively manage work and people.

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