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Transforming to Agile practices is difficult, perhaps even more so for public sector government organizations. In this session we’ll give an experience report for how we brought these practices into a public sector organization with a 280 person IT department (4300 organization wide) and how we’re branching out into other public sector organizations as a result. While the initial scope of the internal coaching team was the IT group, we’ll show you how we were able to spread influence to other areas of the organization including the PMO, HR, Learning and Performance (L&P) and Change Management departments despite the additional constraints that come along with working in a government organization.

In a year we’ve been able to migrate the entire 280 person IT group to Agile, added Agile training curriculum to the official leadership program through HR, helped transform the PMO, and develop technical capability to better support delivery of software. We’ll show you the progress we’ve made and the process we used to get there.
Some of the topics we will touch:

  • Transformation using Lean Startup – created a home-grown change management method called Lean Change (http://www.leanchange.org)
  • Contractors and Internal coaches – The difference in approach and results
  • Culture Hacking – How small hacks that run against the ‘cultural norms’ yielded high gains
  • How to change areas where you lack control by establishing relationships
  • How we used classic change management tools like ADKAR
  • How to manage the managers during a Transformation – including our own
  • Our’s bigger! (the Kanban Board off course) – lots of pictures (of boards, change canvases, metrics, games, etc) ,
  • What keeps on giving – some areas where a little change goes a long way,
  • How a team of coaches can work – and be aligned
  • How we branched out of IT and into HR, Learning/Performance groups and got Management 3.0 on the official leadership curriculum

Presenters – Ardita Karaj and Jason Little

Ardita is a passionate Agile coach, trainer, change agent and consultant in the Toronto area. She brings more than 15 years of software development experience from different commercial and public organizations. Over the past few years her focus has been on process improvement for organizations that are adopting Agile frameworks like Scrum and Kanban. 
Jason is passionate about the people side of change who believes the best way to improve organizations is to focus on behaviors and relationships built on trust.  Jason is a Lean Startup fanatic, author and international speaker  and his desire is to change the world, one person at a time. 

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