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Have you ever had a runaway software project that feels like it’s out of control with missed deadlines, blown budgets, poor quality, high stress and low morale among the team and yourself? Did it take extended periods of overtime and lost holidays to recover? Was the customer (and delivery team) disappointed by the outcomes after so much effort?

Often, we’re tempted to fault ourselves, our customers, and our teams for failing to be available, execute well-enough, provide better estimates and clarity on what we need to build, however the truth tends to lie deeper, occurring before the project has even started: In the way we perceive how collaborative, knowledge-based work is organized.

In this webinar we’ll explore seven misalignments that can set your next software project at a disadvantage and the shifts in thinking you can initiate to begin correcting them.

Attendees will come away from the session with:

• A broad understanding of seven precursors or misalignments I’ve observed across dozens of software projects in my career;
• How each of the misalignments is countered with shifts in thinking to realign them with the nature of collaborative, knowledge-based work;
• An impulse to learn more about the misalignments and how they can use them to better understand how to improve their own projects.

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