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Just do a quick search on the Internet, and you’ll find plenty of opinions and approaches to Agile. Talk to a few Agile Thought-Leaders, and you’ll find even more opinions. Then, talk to a few current practitioners, and you’ll find even more opinions and perspectives. Each one of those sources likely has a legitimate perspective.

While all of the expert opinions are based in similar values and principles, how those values and principles are implemented can (and does) vary immensely. This discussion explores some of the challenges and options.

Is one right? Are some wrong? Are they all right? How might that even be possible? And if you’re new to Agile, how on earth do you know which to listen to, and which to ignore? Heck, even if you’re not new to Agile, there’s a lot of differing opinions from which to chose!

Join Shawn Button & Jeff Kosciejew, two experienced Agile Coaches with very different journeys into Agile Coaching, explore a few of the common frameworks and approaches they’ve seen, and experienced. This discussion explores some of the challenges and options in what some have to offer, and possible starting points in this journey, while providing context for experienced agilists in how we could be perceived.

Toronto Agile Tour