Coaching Agile Transformations (ICP-CAT)

Learn how to apply modern change management practises to agile transformation and earn your IC Agile Coaching Agile Transitions Certification.

Training and Workshops

We offer Agile and Professional Coach training, Management 3.0, and Lean Change Agent as well as customized Agile, Scrum Technical, and Kanban training.

Agile Coaching and Consulting

We provide embedded, and behind-the-scenes coaching at the individual, team, leadership, and organization layer in order to raise the quality of interaction inside, outside and across your organization.

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Creative Problem Solving with Design Thinking

Creative Problem Solving with Design Thinking

Last week we sponsored Communitech's Design for Change session, hosted by Barry Katz. Barry opened with a few stories about 'design'. I put design in quotes because that term can mean a few things. In this context, it doesn't mean the look of the thing you are...